Állásajánlat megosztása

Senior Erlang Developer

Dátum : 2022.05.02.

Hely: Budapest, BU, HU, 1131

Vállalat: OTP Bank Nyrt.

We are offering you a rich-flavored combination of a startup-like work environment, Erlang ecosystem, high performance and high availability software application, replacement of legacy systems into future-proof modular architecture with live upgrade and creating systems with huge transaction numbers in a distributed architecture. All this is managed with a confession free and practice-based methodology. We baked a onboarding process with gamification, mentoring and easy-to-start reading, listening and watching materials.


Roles and responsibilities:
•    Participation in the fundamental restructure of the financial market
•    Designing and creating new functionalities of the financial systems
•    Replacement of legacy functionalities with open-source technologies
•    Participation in the creation of the new architecture design
•    Confessionless participation in cross-team function


•    At least three years of active Erlang development
•    Experience in distributed computing
•    Open Telekom Platform comprehensive knowledge (able to tell a few words about the following points):  Amnesia, Parallel process handling, Supervisor models, Common testing
•    Experience with other technologies (java, C+/+ , Elixir, Scala)
•    Queue technologies (able to give a short description of the following points): Kafka, RabbitMQ
•    NoSQL technology knowledge and experience: List what you know
•    Erlang distributed databases


Non-technical expectation:
•    Ready to learn on daily basis
•    Knowledge sharing attitude
•    Open-minded
•    Growth mindset
•    Transparency
•    Integrity
•    Methodology flexibility
•    Ownership driven mindset
•    Dedication to the profession
•    Proactive working approach